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    We are professionals in world wide moving

    We help your business move

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    We are professionals in world wide moving

    We help you move within the Netherlands and beyond


Companies move on a regular basis. Sometimes the entire premises, but often it concerns an internal move, a move of a department, or the archive. What do you need to organize this? And what does it cost? Van ‘t Net Corporate Movers can coordinate your move and fulfill every scenario, even for international moves. More information ›

Personal move

When you need to move, you come up with all kinds of questions. What do I have to organize? Should I do my own packing? How many boxes do I need? How about the planning? Do I need a scenario or checklist? What does a move cost? Van ’t Net has more than one hundred years of experience as a quality mover. Your move is always in good hands with us. More information ›


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van 't Net - 100 jaar

We have been around for over 100 years!

At the beginning of the previous century, A. van ‘t Net continued to literally put the horses before the carts himself, while helping to move families and companies (and even the Royal Family). A lot has changed since then. We are now a modern organized company, but the personal dedication has remained. Van ’t Net continues to be committed to a reliable move, while minimizing the costs.
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