Archive management

Good archive management is a cumbersome and time-consuming activity. Although there is not always time available, it still has to be done regularly and accurately.
Van ’t Net can save you a lot of work.

We store all your documents in our climate controlled spaces. We retrieve them and deliver them to you whenever you need them, and destroy them upon request. In short, we ensure that you no longer have to manage your archive – it is taken care of.

Business information comes in many forms. Van ’t Net can archive your paper, tapes, cd’s, microfilms, and all other possible information carriers, without any problems. 

This is all handled in our climate controlled storage facilities. In these spaces, the temperature and humidity are held at a constant optimal level. Thanks to our preventive measures, our storage facilities are free of vermin.

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Well-organized archive

Your company archive is also in good hands with us. We can store your administration in specially designed archive boxes. Our archive space is conscientiously and efficiently designed, and – just as our furniture storage facility – protected against burglary and weather conditions.



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