Storage of household possessions

Van 't Net also offers the possibility to store your household goods for either a short or a longer period of time. Our fully climate controlled storage facility covers 9,000 thousand square meters and is protected against fire and burglary. Our storage facilities are free of vermin, thanks to our preventive measures. We store your possessions in easily moveable containers, enabling you to always have access to your goods.

Professional packing / packaging

Our employees are experts in handling your possessions. We can professionally pack all your possessions; with an eye for detail, quickly, and with guaranteed safety. Van 't Net only packs with high quality materials. In our own crate making facility, our craftsmen make unique custom made packaging.

Inventory list

We create an inventory list that includes every stored household item.

Archive management

In addition to your household possessions, your archive is also in good hands at
Van ’t Net. We store your administration in specially designed archive boxes. The archive storage is, just as our furniture storage, secured against burglary and weather conditions.

Would you like additional information?

Would you like additional information?

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