Personal moves oversea

Moving to another continent often means moving overseas. That can be done by boat or by air. Naturally, air freight is faster than shipping, but it also costs more. Van ’t Net Movers are specialized in international moves all over the globe – from Africa to Australia, from Asia to North- and South-America. We can bring you or pick you up anywhere. This way, emigrating might not be an easy task, but it will become a lot easier.

Full-service approach

We globally collaborate with carefully selected agents in order to coordinate your overseas move. Together, we take care of all formalities (such as inventory lists, export documents) and all other necessities for overseas moves. Our agents handle the clearing of your belongings through customs in the country where they arrive and handle the transportation to your destination. Once they arrive at the agreed destination, the agents take care of unloading and unpacking all of your possessions. This is our full-service system for overseas moves.

Packing / Packaging

Moving entails more than just lifting and stacking boxes. Your possessions are valuable and we can professionally pack them, while remaining sensitive to that value. In our own crate making facility, our craftsmen make unique, custom made packaging. We use environmentally friendly and high quality materials. We use customized packaging for your works of art, furniture, and other valuable possessions. We also use special boxes to transport fragile objects.


We offer the possibility to combine cargo of different clients and carriers. Cost reductions are realized through these combinations and efficiencies, and you can benefit from lower expensive rates. we would gladly refer you to our groupage-offers.


Our membership with FIDI the international federation of moving companies, is your guarantee for quality. FIDI is the umbrella organization of independent international movers. We meet the highest quality mark, the FAIM-certificate. Moving companies with the FAIM-certificate are not only assessed for their practical abilities, but also for ethical characteristics, solvency, and continuity. Only the best movers in the world comply with the requirements of the FIDI in the area of professionalism and expertise. Wherever we are permitted to move you, you are ensured that your possessions will reach their destination on time, and damage free.


If, despite all the precautions, something does not go as planned, then it is reassuring to know that your household possessions are insured against all possible risks; and that possible damage claims are dealt with quickly, adequately, and with minimal problems. To accomplish this, we offer a very extensive insurance for the international move of your household possessions. They will subsequently be covered by this insurance and we guarantee fast and smooth processing in the case of a damage claim.

Would you like additional information?

Would you like additional information?

Van 't Net Verhuizingen Vrachtwagen

Van 't Net Movers, centrally located in the Netherlands, is the mover for:

Verhuizen tijdens de corona crisis

We kunnen het ons voorstellen dat er van alles door je heen gaat, wanneer je op korte termijn jouw verhuizing gepland of je woning al te koop hebt staan. Kun je nog steeds verhuizen tijdens de corona crisis? Zoals het er nu voorstaat is dat, met een aantal maatregelen, nog mogelijk. In dit artikel vertellen we je hoe wij er samen voor kunnen zorgen dat je in deze tijd ‘gewoon’ kunt verhuizen.

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