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Van 't Net checklist

Download the Van 't Net moving checklist here!

What does a move cost?

Every move is unique. Therefore, we cannot give you a price indication. View our site, under price indication, and select an option.

What do I need to organize when I move?

For that purpose, we have a standard Checklist available for you on our site.

How do I design the plan for a move?

You can view your plan on a daily basis in our Checklist. You can also design a plan with our planner.

How far in advance is it advisable to request a moving quote?

It is recommended to do this at least 1 month prior to the move. This way, you are able to make an informed choice from several options, and subsequently have sufficient time to determine which goods you wish to take with you. However, we can also be of service at shorter notice.
In addition, a timely agreement with us (to other countries) can result in a favorable rate, as the mover can make plans and/or combine the move with other moves, to your destination, as conveniently as possible.

Can newly purchased items also be delivered to the mover to be moved?

It can be wise to purchase new items in the Netherlands, and to have them moved to the new destination. Make sure that you make an agreement with the mover that the goods are delivered to the mover by the store where you purchased them. This will prevent additional costs. The mover can inform you of the possibilities.


Can a car also be added to the move?

Yes, a car can also be added to the move to most countries.

What kind of finacial security do I have?

We are a member of OEV Erkende verhuizers (certified movers) & FIDI GLOBAL ALLIANCE which, in addition to quality and professionalism, also guarantees your financial security through their Guarantee and Payment
Protection Plan. In the unlikely event of – for example, the bankruptcy of a  Member – the OEV & FIDI ensure that a different colleague & FIDI completes the task without additional costs.

Are my household possessions insured?

Yes, your household possessions are insured during transportation up to an amount of € 100,000.-.

Can I pack myself?

Yes, you may pack yourself. This could be everything, as well as a partial packing.

Can I access my goods once they are in storage?

You cannot easily access your goods. Everything is stored in boxes/crates, but you can make an appointment to look in the boxes/crates, upon request. 

Can I temporarily store my goods?

Yes, you can temporarily store your goods. This can be done by day or for a longer period of time.

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